Give me some Grandson Love

For the past ten days we’ve had two of our northern grandsons visiting.  They did so good.  They are four and nearly two  years old.  We kept them busy, tried to stay CLOSE to their schedule while maintaining some of our own routine.

For Gits and Shiggles we added the two local grandsons for a couple of sleepovers.  I know, you thought, “what were you thinking?”  Honestly, they did great.  The local grands are ten and two.  Yep, just like driving.  ūüôā  Although we were outnumbered, we had a blast.

Sleepover with the cousins.

Spaghetti for dinner – and treats for the dogs.

Movie and popcorn.

Helado with the Bigs.

Lunch on the deck and some help in the yard pulling weeds.

Photo Jun 09, 7 55 59 PM

Rain dance…

The Littles, puzzle-making and Papa

Photo Jun 07, 6 57 28 PM

They loved showers – and I loved the free cleaning.

What do you want for dinner guys?  Bacon Cheeseburgers and Corn on the Cob.

Photo May 31, 11 20 09 PM

My wicked plan…  exhaust them during the day and they crash at night.

Photo Jun 10, 3 36 26 PM

Just thankful seven month old Maizie Mae only arrived for the pick up.  #Greatdanepuppy

I admit though, I’ve had some major naps since they left.  And I miss them already.



Last Day – Headed Home

On the road once more.  This time we were meeting up with our daughter to pick up our grandsons and bringing them home with us.

Our son-in-law is mid-way through an externship with a federal judge in Yakima.  He drives home on weekends.  Boo is switching from her night job to a new day job, 40 hours a week.  We offered to look after the boys, ages 4 and almost 2 years, for ten days.

Photo May 31, 1 01 12 PM

Cheeks and Bash were pretty excited about riding in the motor home.

I was surprised at how well they did on this six hour ride.

When we reached home, we allowed Cheeks to sit in the front seat and see the view into town to the house.  He loved the view.



On the Road Again…

Up early and on the road by 6 a.m. in order to get out of the Seattle area before traffic becomes completely ridiculous. ¬†We didn’t do too bad either. ¬†Stopped in Ellensburg for breakfast and then back on the road across Washington.

Photo May 30, 11 17 17 AM

This time we were going to park at the Couer d’alene Casino near Whorley, Idaho for the night. ¬†It’s just 15 minutes from our son’s property near Plummer.

Photo May 31, 10 07 36 AM

Photo May 30, 10 34 01 AM


Michael and Andi plus family have 80 acres. ¬†They’ve been working on the pole barn’s upstairs to make it their home. ¬†The Mister has spent a couple weeks helping. ¬†This visit was an opportunity to see their progress, spend the evening with the three kidlets and watch for wildlife. ¬†It was also a chance to see our oldest son Matt who has been working at Nine Mile Dam near Spokane.

Photo May 30, 5 27 30 PM

Matthew and Michael

We weren’t disappointed. ¬†Their home looks fabulous. ¬†It is really starting to take shape. ¬†Dinner was yummy and we watched turkeys, deer and even bear dine up on the hill. ¬†The cloud of pollen was incredible. ¬†It just stirred up and blew across the property. ¬†Everything turned yellow.

The boys schemed and came up with a future plan to hunt for the bear. ¬†Oh goodie…


Memorial Day Weekend

Our arrival in Everett was in time to help with preparations for the weekend.  Friend Mike, as opposed to the Mister, was in charge of the ceremony which included several additional projects.  Friday we met at the cemetery to unfold flags, and put on poles.

Photo May 26, 6 24 12 PM

248 flags on poles.  Set up in the park in the morning.  Taken down in the evening.

Photo May 27, 9 01 16 PM

We helped set up the VFW hall for the pot luck as well.  It was enlightening.

Road Trip Day 5 & 6

We decided to head back to Olympia on Thursday.

Photo May 25, 4 15 18 PM - Copy

Our overnight was in a gravel lot of an RV park which was mostly Park Models. ¬†Oh well, it had hook-ups and that’s really all we wanted… ¬†as well as the opportunity to get a head start on holiday traffic.

Photo May 25, 1 50 32 PM - Copy

We met up for breakfast with cousins Don and Toni.  Another opportunity to talk and catch up.  Don loves to hunt and frequently does so in Idaho.

Our destination Friday was Everett, Washington.  We were staying at the RV park with good friends Mike & Linda Palomino.  The Mister was invited to speak at a ceremony on Memorial Day for the VFW.



Road Trip Day 4 & 5

Today we were treated to road construction Рin the National Park.  Hey it has to happen.  I worked homework, napped, walked the dogs and wondered why our little sanctuary on the coast sounded like urban living.

Photo May 23, 9 26 12 AM - Copy

Photo May 24, 9 53 30 AM - Copy

Photo May 24, 9 53 49 AM - Copy

Photo May 24, 6 24 17 PM - Copy

After the construction crew wrapped up, we were treated to the peace and quiet we craved.  The rain fell through the night but cleared during the day.  We off loaded our bicycles and went for a ride around the park and over to the lodge.  Later we went for a walk through the D loop to confirm the sites we might want to try at a later date.


Photo May 24, 5 20 06 PM - Copy

Photo May 24, 5 36 09 PM - Copy

Photo May 24, 5 36 43 PM - Copy

Photo May 24, 5 37 32 PM - Copy

People are so friendly.  Many had come early for Memorial Day weekend.  We are already talking about making Kalaloch a pre-Memorial Day weekend event next year.

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“On the road again…” ¬†

Road Trip Day #3

Up and away this morning from near Rochester, Washington for the short trip out to Aberdeen.  We had arrangements to meet up with our daughter-in-law Debbie and her friend Ron.  They have recently purchased some property and are in the process of giving it some much needed TLC.  What a gem they have found!

Photo May 22, 12 37 33 PM

We parked Thor down the road from their place at an Athletic Complex and Debbie picked us up. ¬†There was no room at their place to park. ¬†It’s a well used logging road, a small house surrounded by growth, a meadow and a creek. ¬†They bought the house “as is”. ¬†This meant that the family members were selling the estate of “Maxine” after it sat for two years with no one living there or taking care of things. ¬†They spent over $2000 on trips to the dump as they cleared out Maxine’s collections and most of her household goods.

The yard was so overgrown that full tree size rhododendron “bushes” had grown up against the house and buried it completely from view. ¬†They reclaimed the front lawn and most of the side lawn. ¬†The dirt basement has been cleared and the septic and well located. ¬†What a project! ¬†It’s a small 800 square foot house but feels so much bigger. ¬†The kitchen reminded me of the original kitchen in the home she shared with Rex before he died. ¬†Everything was clean and shiny – definitely Debbie’s touch.

Photo May 22, 2 29 17 PM

Below the house is a meadow where the elk gather to eat and drink from the creek. ¬†Debbie has created herself a little sanctuary with a garden table and chairs to relax along the creek’s edge.

Photo May 22, 2 05 49 PM

A little garden momento compliments of Maxine

We walked down with the dogs to explore.

Photo May 22, 2 05 12 PM

Photo May 22, 2 01 51 PM

Photo May 22, 2 00 10 PM

Photo May 22, 2 00 53 PM

My city slicker dogs loved the romping through grass that easily covered their backs.  Ruger showed his true hick side when he discovered the elk droppings and rolled in it. Ugh!

Photo May 22, 2 29 25 PM

View from across the meadow back to the house. 

It was a great visit, albeit short.  Mike and Ron got along famously.  They have a great deal in common.  We look forward to seeing them again.

Photo May 22, 2 28 42 PM

Deb and Debbie – How I love this Lady!

Back in Thor, we decided to skip the local RV parks and head on out to the coast.  We still had several hours of daylight and plenty of time to get to Kalaloch in the Olympic National Forest.  We were both anxious for our return and excited to arrive a day early.

I went through the National Park website, reviewing the sites that would suit us.  We originally planned to check out the D-F loops but they were closed.  Ironically we ended up in one of our usual sites.  B-15

Once parked we poured ourselves a little adult beverage and walked down for our first Kalaloch sunset in a couple years.

EEEEEK!!! ¬†I’m so excited to be back!

Photo May 22, 8 43 45 PM

Road Trip Day 2

Leaving Joseph, Oregon and heading back down to La Grande and I-84 takes about two hours in the motor home.  We still had another five hours over to the Olympia area by way of Portland.  I took advantage of the flatter, less curvy road to practice my large vehicle driving skills and give Mister a break.

There is just something about coming around the curve and seeing the view of Mt. Hood in front of you. ¬†Even through a bug splattered windshield…

Photo May 21, 1 44 43 PM

We parked in the Chehalis Tribe Lucky Eagle Casino RV parking lot. ¬†We were planning to meet up with the Mister’s cousin and wife for dinner at the Casino. ¬†The actual casino RV parking left a great deal to be desired – I suppose it’s perfect if you are only there to gamble, drink and eat. ¬†It was nothing more than a larger sized parking stall with electric and water hook up on the outer edge of the Casino/Hotel parking lot. ¬†For the same price of $25 we went to the overflow parking, surrounded by a grassy field, partially mowed, with shade trees and a lovely night sky. ¬†It suited us so much better and I had a place to run the fellas.

We had a fabulous dinner with Cousin Don and Claudia, not enough time to catch up, but hopefully we will see them again soon.


Don and Mike

In the morning we headed out once more, for the shorter trip to Aberdeen, to see our daughter-in-law Debbie.

“On the road again…”


Road Trip Day 1

As soon as I walked away from work on my final day, we hit the road for a weekend in Joseph, Oregon.

This first stop of our extended trip was a place I’ve wanted to visit ever since the Mister spent the summer near Enterprise, Oregon in the Hat Point Fire Tower.

Joseph, Oregon has such history around it.  Chief Joseph, Lewis and Clark.  The main street is lined with bronze statues showing much of the values of Joseph.

We weren’t able to get in to the Wallowa Lake State Park so I rolled the dice on an RV park. What luck! ¬†We found a lovely little park, nestled under the pines next to the river, Park at the River. ¬†It was the weekend before Memorial Day so still not “season” and we shared the park with only a scattered few other guests.

Photo May 20, 11 41 30 AM

Photo May 20, 11 42 44 AM

Our “Thor”

Photo May 20, 11 42 05 AM

Saturday morning we were greeting with early sunshine and the threat of rain showers later in the day.

The fellas (Ruger and Sig) and I went for a walk up the main road to explore.  The RV park sits along a river and we were able to find a bridge which allowed us to cross and walk down the back side as well.

We didn’t have a lot on our agenda for the day. ¬†Mostly rest and relaxation. ¬†I had some homework to attend to and the Mister wanted to do some handiwork and review of the systems on the motor home. ¬†It was the perfect setting for our “chores”.

Photo May 20, 5 33 36 PM

Along the river behind our site we ran into some of nature’s residence.

Photo May 19, 9 14 29 PM

Even with the highway, it was still a quiet little spot. ¬†There are cabins across the road, and several stores to explore. ¬†The town of Joseph is approximately seven miles from the RV park. ¬†We weren’t brave enough to ride our bicycles into town and we didn’t bring the Toad, so we stayed close to Thor.

Our Sunday morning departure was early enough so we could stop in Joseph and have breakfast at the Cheyenne Cafe.  By the time we left, it was standing room only.  The locals know a good thing when they have it Рand the food was delicious.

Photo May 21, 8 53 26 AM

“On the road again…” ¬†Next up, a visit with the cousins in Western Washington.

A Change of Pace

Maybe I’m a light weight, looking for excuses or maybe I’m just in need of a change of pace, but as of May 19th I’m no longer a part-time employee.

I’m still a full-time student and I want to make better use of my down time for studies. ¬†I have this personal goal to continue being on the Dean’s List. ¬†So far so good. ¬†But this last year was tough. ¬†My Spanish language major means total immersion when I go on campus. ¬†Classes, homework, conversations, emails, essays, everything in Spanish. ¬†No, I’m not surprised by this, I’m just finding my more.than.a.half.century.old brain desires more sleep and less stress.

I gave notice at work to walk away completely. ¬†My very lovely and adorable supervisor “forgot” to submit my resignation. ¬†When I asked her about it a week later, the other four in our group (all fellas) chimed in with their suggestions about staying on, working flex, refusing to let me go. ¬†My dear supervisor (and good friend) asked if I’d consider an offer to be a flex-status employee. ¬†Of course! ¬† My heart really wasn’t into leaving for good. ¬†I have over nine years with my employer. ¬†So flex it is.

I’ll work a shift a month – maybe two. ¬†I’ll help cover vacations when I’m able. ¬†I’ll assist with large projects and inventory. ¬†But I’m not on the schedule every day.

I’m so blessed. ¬†When I first chose to go back to school this same supervisor assisted in creating the job I currently hold, making it possible to continue work AND have the flexibility to change schedules as needed every semester.

The 19th was my last day on the schedule. ¬†I was sent off by my favorite group with a “flamingo farewell”. ¬†How many girls can say this?

Photo May 19, 7 59 42 PM

I’m working only four or five times this summer which permits dear hubby and I to play some more in Thor. ¬†We loaded the flamingo float into the basement of the motor home to put to good use when we visit my sister and family this summer. ¬†If you are looking for me – I’m the one on the 7 foot flamingo!