Give me some Grandson Love

For the past ten days we’ve had two of our northern grandsons visiting.  They did so good.  They are four and nearly two  years old.  We kept them busy, tried to stay CLOSE to their schedule while maintaining some of our own routine.

For Gits and Shiggles we added the two local grandsons for a couple of sleepovers.  I know, you thought, “what were you thinking?”  Honestly, they did great.  The local grands are ten and two.  Yep, just like driving.  🙂  Although we were outnumbered, we had a blast.

Sleepover with the cousins.

Spaghetti for dinner – and treats for the dogs.

Movie and popcorn.

Helado with the Bigs.

Lunch on the deck and some help in the yard pulling weeds.

Photo Jun 09, 7 55 59 PM

Rain dance…

The Littles, puzzle-making and Papa

Photo Jun 07, 6 57 28 PM

They loved showers – and I loved the free cleaning.

What do you want for dinner guys?  Bacon Cheeseburgers and Corn on the Cob.

Photo May 31, 11 20 09 PM

My wicked plan…  exhaust them during the day and they crash at night.

Photo Jun 10, 3 36 26 PM

Just thankful seven month old Maizie Mae only arrived for the pick up.  #Greatdanepuppy

I admit though, I’ve had some major naps since they left.  And I miss them already.



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